Package One

Simple Sally

Price Range


A simple package made from raw materials, basic measurements, and a pattern. The sewing pattern must be in your size with less than 30 minutes of pattern changes.

  • Included- Project consultations, project sketch, 1 fitting.


Package Two

Better Betty

Price Range


A better, more customized package made from any pattern. I will personally take your measurements, custom fit to your body, and make design changes.

  • Included- Project consultations, project sketch, 2 fittings, photos at half way point

Package Three

Premium Patty

Price Range


This premium package is made just for you! I make you a pattern with your measurements and specifications as well as a muslin fitting sample before we go to the actual fabric. I will shop with you or for you and do as many changes and fittings as we need.

  • Included- Project consultations, portfolio of your project, unlimited fittings, progressive photos, copy of your pattern, supply shopping at no extra cost to you.

Package Four

The Knockout

Price Range


This knockoff package is for your favorite worn down, can't let go of clothes. Bring me your clothing item and I'll replicate it.

  • Included- Project consultations, 1 fitting


Custom Order 


Let's make some magic!

What are you looking for?


(719)375-4434 (call or text)

I am an all-around crafter and seamstress with technical training. I would love to take on your project! Please contact me and let's get started with the MAGIC! 

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